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Why Motion & Me

To Develop:
Motor Skills, Body Awareness, Physical Stamina, Muscular Strength, Coordination and Balance, Creativity, Listening Skills, Academic and Expressive Arts

Activities Include:
Parachute Play, Obstacle Courses, Large Muscle Equipment, Rhythm Instruments, Sports Equipment, Dramatic Play, Lots of Fun Props, and Much, Much More…

Our Goal
Our goal is to encourage children to move, discover and express themselves in a non-threatening environment. We do this by combining our uniquely designed curriculum, using many styles of music and movement activities, as well as a wide variety of large muscle activities, thus providing a well-rounded program. Movement in non-competitive surroundings promotes trying new activities and nurtures a child's self-esteem.

Although Motion & Me is not performance oriented, we do provide two opportunities each year for the children to move on stage. We participate at the San Diego County Fair each summer and we have a winter recital each December. Our performances are designed to be low key. The value of our program is in the weekly class time activities, but the performances are a chance to get to meet our families and have some fun. It is often the children’s spontaneity that provides our most cherished memories.

Each weekly 45-minute class is offered right at your child's school. Classes are designed around a concept or theme, which is explained in our monthly newsletter. Every third week the class is centered around a large muscle activity. These would include: Parachutes, Balance Beams, Body Sox, Hula Hoops, Huge Balls, Obstacle Courses, Sports Games, and much, much more!

The combination of music and movement as well as large muscle activities provides a complete program for your child.