Inspiring Children

Through Dance & Music

Wee Dance instructors are highly encouraging with your child infusing just the right amounts of energy and use of interactive props that will engage your child fully making the experience interesting and magical. 

At Wee Dance, our purpose is to start the process of empowering your child utilizing music and free movement.

The Wee Dance Program was created as an introduction to dance that focusses in on the basic requirements expected of children before they embark on a more intermediate level.

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What will Wee Dance accomplish for your child?

Children that complete the Wee Dance curriculum are equipped with the basic skills and attitude required to succeed at the next level. At Wee Dance, our Program will develop your child's; listening skills, cooperative and social skills, expression of emotions and feelings, motor skills, coordination, & confidence.

Realizing that learning how to express and communicate clearly and freely at a young age is a primary focus at Wee Dance. What sets our Program apart from traditional dance Programs is that we accomplish all of these goals in a fun, encouraging and high energy environment.

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